Welcome to Tirubala Leather!

We Strive to Offer Excellence

From the time we started our group, our prime motive has always remained to deliver our best and make continuous improvement in our efficiency and efforts. This shows in the way we grew from a startup to one of the largest manufacturing house in the region.

Customer is the center of our every plan, effort, commitment and goal. For this reason and to deliver them best quality products we invest a large amount on innovation, research and development. These investments help us deliver high quality products to our customers and also provide assistance in getting a winning edge of our contemporaries.


We are very much careful about the quality of products that we offer. We do this to ensure what we offer satisfies our clients and is found to be worthy of their investment. This attitude towards quality is even shared by our suppliers and they too make great efforts to maintain the chain of prescribed quality and standard.

We are always conscious of our manufacturing ability, efficiency and preciseness. To maintain the quality of our offered products, we manufacture all the components at our own plant. This helps us meet our commitments in time and also maintain the quality of our offered products.

Our factory has a very advanced manufacturing and production line in place. To further improve its efficiency we have divided the whole operational line into many stages and set up quality control checks at each of them. This has helped us maintain our quality and also made sure that there is no breakdown in the structure. Even if the breakdown in the structure happens we are now able to counter and rectify it in a small time. In this way, we have been able to maintain the same level of quality and standard of every product that we offer to our customers.