Cow Skin Leather

When we talk about most durable type of leather used for making warm clothes and boots then cow leather will definitely take the lead. However, sheep hide is equally famous as these two types of leather boast of similar attributes like comfort, durability, high quality, environment-friendliness, softness and smoothness etc.

As Tirubala Leather is one of the leading suppliers of high quality and non-slip smooth leather, we continually strive to offer you the best-in-class leather results and meet the diversified needs of our customers. Cow hide is something that is known for its toughness and durability. We are the eminent supplier of very noticeable texture skin cow leather. The cow skin leather supplied by us is used to manufacture various products like rugs, belts, handbags, boots, saddles, wallets etc.

Our product range of cow skin leather includes Cow Eliza, Cow Ethnic, Cow Lining, Cow Mirage, Cow Magnet, Cow Fungi, Cow Sara, Cow Sara (Pearlised Finish). What make Tirubala Leather the first choice amongst our clients is top-quality leather products and reasonable cow leather price.

We also supply best-quality cow split leather. The under layer or layers of cow’s skin are known as split cowhide. In contrast with top or grain layer of the cow hide, the split cow hide leather provides an appealing and good-looking finished product at low expense.

Cow Eliza Leather

Cow Eliza

Cow Ethnic Leather

Cow Ethnic

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