Goat Skin Leather

The sturdiness and suppleness are a few common attributes found in every type of leather. This tough material is created with the help of skins of various animals like cow, cattle, goat, pig and sheep. Goat skin leather is pretty famous for its flexible properties. This type of chemically and mechanically processed leather is often known as ‘Nappa’. Leather accessories like briefcases, wallets, home furnishings, toiletry kits etc are produced with this soft and stretchy material.

Tirubala Leather is a leading supplier of goat skin leather. If compared with cow leather, goat leather is softer, supple and lightweight. We supply best quality goat leather that is not just warm but also breathable and is highly comfortable to wear. We have a great collection of genuine goat skin leather which comprises Goat Dune, Goat Fashion Foils, Goat Metallic Foils, Goat Lining, Goat Veg. Safari, Goat Shiny, Goat Nubuck etc.

At Tirubala Leather, you will goat skin leather in all three forms, namely full-grain goat leather, corrected-grain goat skin leather and suede. The tanned leather from goat skin is also highly durable and is often used in making rugs, boots, gloves and other products that call for soft hide.

Goat Skin Leather

Goat Dune

Goat Skin Leather

Goat Fashion Foils

Goat Lining Leather

Goat Lining

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